10 Fabulous Secrets for a Long-Lasting Manicure

In summer, the nails are more exposed than ever and you need to ensure that the manicure and pedicure are impeccable. We often face with a problem that gives us big headaches: the manicure does not resist.

In order for your look to be free of imperfections, here are some essential tips that will prevent nail polish from chipping and will guarantee a flawless appearance:

  1. Use a cotton swab to apply vinegar on each nail

Before applying the first coat of nail polish, use vinegar to get rid of natural oils that functions as a barrier layer between the nail and nail polish. Once the vinegar has dried, you can apply a protective lacquer layer with confidence.

  1. Do not soak your nails before applying nail polish

If you get used to insert your nails in warm water to soften cuticles, don’t be surprised that the nail polish doesn’t last more than a few days. By doing so, the nails retain water and extend, and when they dry, they shrinks, thus affecting the layer of polish applied immediately after you’ve soaked the nails. Use cuticle oil to avoid this problem.

  1. File them into a form that mimic the cuticles

If you give them a form as close to the natural, the chances for your nails to break or peel are lower.

  1. Do not apply nail polish on cuticles

It is understood that non-uniform application, surpassing the nail surface, encourages the nail polish to chip, because the cuticle layer detaches shortly after the nail polish has dried.

  1. Use a viscous base coat

Apply the nail polish first on the peaks, starting from the middle of the nail, then add a layer over the entire surface of the nail.

  1. Get rid of air bubbles

Instead shaking the bottle of nail polish, run it between your palms. Thus will no longer form bubbles that encourage the layer of nail polish to chip.

  1. Dry the nail polish using cold air

Do not blow on the nail polish to dry the layer. Use rather the cool air of the hair dryer to dry them quickly.

  1. Apply a coat of protective varnish every two or three days

Thus, you will increase the life of nail polish and you will add a dash of glamor.

  1. Do not use antibacterial gel

Wash your hands with a mild soap and avoid antibacterial gel because it dries the nails and damages the protective lacquer layer.

  1. Fix “little mistakes” with a cotton swab

If your nails haven’t dried yet and the nail polish has broken accidentally, do not apply another layer of nail polish, because you will not get an even result. Soak the tip of a cotton swab in nail polish and apply only to the affected area. Then you can add an extra layer of polish or laquer to equalize.

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10 Fabulous Secrets for a Long-Lasting Manicure