Amazing Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Must Know

Perhaps we are not able to give yourself a magic wand, but we can offer you a few beauty hacks to help you prolong the life of your cosmetic products or to transform them, if you’re bored of their current utilization.

1. You’re running out of your favorite eyeshadow? Know it can still serve a while, because we have some precious beauty tips for you. Following them, you will enrich your collection of cosmetics with a nail polish or lip balm in the color of your favorite eyeshadow!

Start by crushing the eyeshadow, then add it to a bottle of clear nail polish, shake it and it’s ready, you have new nail polish.

For a homemade lip balm, mix the eyeshadow with cosmetic Vaseline or with a transparent lip gloss.  Isn’t it easy to fall in love with these beauty tips?

2. You love a certain perfume, but you can not afford to buy it yet? Savings are always a good idea, but to satisfy your instant desire, you can go to the nearest beauty store, ask for a sample of the perfume. To prolong its life unexpectedly, pour the hypnotic liquid into a container of body lotion and now you have a perfumed lotion!

3. Every girl has experienced at least once in life the horror to drop your favorite eyeshadow and discover that it was shattered in an unfortunate way. We can not help if the product was shattered outright (although you can apply the beauty tips above and get a nail polish or lip balm), but we have a solution if the eyeshadow or powder aren’t hopelessly compromised!

You need a little rubbing alcohol! Pour a small amount of product over the crumbled layer, until it becomes a smooth paste. Level with a spoon or with your fingers (clean, of course) and wait for the alcohol to evaporate: you have every chance to become the savior of all “afflicted” cosmetic products!

4. False eyelashes can be also recovered with alcohol: Soak a clean mascara brush in this miraculous substance and you’ll perfectly clean ant unwanted deposits of glue.

5. Your favorite lipstick is broken? It is time for a spectacular rescue operation! Slightly heat the damaged edges of your lipstick using the flame of a lighter, then press the two sides together easily and smooth with your fingers (be careful not to burn yourself!). Store it in the refrigerator and you will soon find your lipstick intact.

6. A glass of warm water has multiple beauty uses! You’ve consumed your mascara? Soak in a glass of hot water the tube of mascara. This will soften the dry layers of mascara around the edges and will give you a few extra milligrams to use.

7. The same glass of water will also defeat the resistance of your nail polish bottle, impossible to open! This time put in the glass only the end of your nail polish bottle; sinking the entire bottle you risk to alter the consistency and color of the product.

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Amazing Beauty Hacks That Every Woman Must Know