Get a Thin Waist in Only Two Movements

Thin waistline has been, since ancient times, associated with beauty and sensuality of a woman. If before women have resorted to the popular corsets, now you can get that slender waist in a less harrowing way – through special exercises.

Whether it scares you the thought of going to the gym, or you do not have much time available, the fact is that you fail to do appropriate physical training to achieve a toned body

In order to look like you want, you have to work and, unfortunately, you can not be the exception to this rule. However, we have good news for you, because we prepared a short program to a dream silhouette. Here are two exercises that will help make your waist thinner since the first session. You no longer have an excuse!

Start this program with a loose heating, doing a slow jog on the spot, concomitant with the bending of the trunk to the left and to the right for 3 minutes, extending the arm along the thigh towards the knee, both left and right.

Exercise number 1

Lie on the floor with arms stretched overhead. Rise and approach the knees to the chest. Keep your abs tense during this time, then lie down again on the floor. Legs and arms must remain in the air. Makes 10 to 15 repetitions.

Exercise number 2

Hold the start position of the exercise number 1. This time you will work the oblique abdominal muscles. Therefore, when you get up, you must slightly twist your torso and touch your elbow to the opposite knee. To work better your waistline, take the elbow outside the body. Performe 10 repetitions for each leg, working alternately.

Do these exercises at least three to four times a week, and you’ll get a thinner waist! You will surely manage to impress others when you wear a crop top or swimsuit.

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Get a Thin Waist in Only Two Movements