How to Lift and Tone Your Breasts

A weapon of feminine beauty is represented by breasts. Regardless of their size, their appearance is important, and large breasts can easily lose their beauty when their firmness decreases.

Even if nature has provided us with beautiful breasts in the teenage years, we must learn to maintain their beauty and naturalness.

Lifting your breasts – 3 super-effective exercises:

  1. Begin with an easy exercise. You need a towel that you will catch with both hands, so that they form a rope that runs behind your torso. Try to catch the towel so the hands to be as close as possible (held stretched, without bending the elbows). Raise your hands up and let them back as much as possible, then make left – right swinging movements. You may feel pain in the shoulder joint, but this is normal because the joint is trained, and in time its mobility and endurance will increase. Make 50 swings.
  2. Although it seems a difficult exercise, it is very good for lifting and firming your bust: push-ups. If you succeed in doing 10 push-ups every day (without interrupting the exercise), within a week you will already see results.

Generally, it is good to move your hands, with or without weights, because their every move is good for lifting your breasts.

  1. Running is particularly useful for toning the breast suspensory ligaments, those responsible for toned or…sagging breasts. When these ligaments lose their tone, the breasts descend. Running trains the suspensory ligament of the mammary gland (located between the skin, crossing the gland and inserting on the chest) and is recommended to do jogging without a bra.

Breasts care – practical tips for a beautiful and firm bust:

  • Control your posture! It is very important to keep your back straight;
  • Choose a bra that fits you;
  • Try to keep away from hot baths and do alternating cold-hot showers on your breasts;
  • Massage your breasts with almond oil or vitamin E every day, using large, circular movements;
  • Apply a treatment for breast with;
  • Try not to sleep on your stomach;
  • When sunbathing, use a lotion with at least 30 SPF.
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How to Lift and Tone Your Breasts