Lose Weight by Eating Ice Cream

If the word “diet” puts you on the run, know that there are more pleasant ways to lose weight! An example would be the Italian secret: a regime based on ice cream. It seems incredible, but you can lose weight pampering your taste buds!

Nutritional value of ice cream

In this regime, ice cream is a food that successfully replaces a light meal. Given that it contains as ingredients milk and sugar, and sometimes cream or eggs, it has a quite significant intake of protein, simple sugars, phosphorus and calcium.

Fruity variants doesn’t have milk, but have sugar and fruit pulps, ie, fiber and vitamins.

A cone with two scoops of fruity ice cream has an averaged intake of 120 calories (great attention though: the same amount of ice cream contains 190 calories, if it’s with chocolate). If you remove the cone, you lower your calorie intake by 15%.

Regime of 1300 calories a day

This Italian scheme brings an intake of 1,300 calories a day and allows you to eat ice cream as a snack at noon, or as dessert after dinner. Accompanying meals must be very rich in vegetables and fruits.

To lose between 2 and 4 kilograms, follow this regime 7 consecutive days, then continue with a diet rich in calories, but balanced.

It is not adisable to follow this regime for more than 7 days without talking to your doctor first!

Here’s a list of calories, to choose the ice cream that will acompany the regime:

– A bowl of ice cream with cream: 60g = 72 cal.

– A bowl of ice cream with chocolate and milk: 80 g = 188 cal.

– A con with 3 cups of chocolate, vanilla and strawberry 110 g = 255 cal.

– A con with 3 cups: lemon – 140 cal, blueberries – 151 cal, strawberry – 153 cal, watermelon – 160 cal, pistachios – 211 cal, vanilla – 219 cal chocolate – 291 cal, nutella – 326 cal.

The amount of ice cream that you can consume depends on the chosen assortment. You can choose every day another type or you can try all sorts of combinations. Here are the quantities and types of which you can choose:

– 200 grams of creamy ice cream;

– 250 g of fruity ice cream;

The idea is not to exceed a maximum of 400 calories from eating ice cream.

What can you eat besides ice cream?

Milk, whole grains, salads, tuna, chicken or beef in small quantities (100 g), fruits and vegetables.

Given that it is summer, this regime will be an absolute pleasure for your body.

How to compose meals?

Breakfast should be varied, but without fruits: tea or coffee, without any sugar added; cereal with milk.

For lunch eat a meal rich in protein: fish, white meat, beef, grilled, baked or boiled. No fried food! The ration of meat should not exceed 200g. As a side dish you can make a salad of your favorite vegetables, without adding any sauces. You can add olive oil if you want(maximum one tablespoon).

Choose something light for dinner. You can eat bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, but in small quantities (100 g).

Consumed vegetables: lettuce, tomato, cucumber. Fruits are also allowed, but only at lunch or dinner.

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Lose Weight by Eating Ice Cream