Mascara: Dos and Don’ts

Along with lipstick, mascara is indispensable in your makeup kit. It’s the most seductive, and unruly element of a successful make-up.

This incredible makeup product was created in 1915 by a chemist: T. L. Williams, who has noticed his sister mixing coal dust and Vaseline to highlight her eyelashes.

How to choose your mascara?

The brush with which you apply the mascara says a lot about its composition and utility. Therefore, look at it, carefully:

  • If the brush has fine and sparse hairs, the mascara is intended for lash lengthening)
  • If it is voluminous and dense, you are dealing with a mascara for volume

DO NOT: Do not choose a mascara just because the brush is curved or sophisticated. The best brushes are short and thin, because they allow you to apply the product in the corner of the eye.

As for color, black is the favorite in the field of mascara! However, for blue eyes it indicated mascara in the same color, while purple mascara do wonders for any pair of brown eyes.

How to apply mascara?

Apply mascara from right to left at the base of the eyelashes. If the mascara has a higher consistence at the roots, it will create the illusion of length.

Use an eyelash comb: it may seem tricky at first, but it’s vital for your eyelashes to look neat and to separate them.

If you do not stand to use a comb, wipe the mascara brush in a tissue before applying mascara, to remove the excess.

For a dramatic look, apply mascara to upper lashes only. If you want your eyes to look bigger, you need to apply mascara also on the lower ones  – but discreet!

Wait five seconds before blinking, this way you will avoid stretching the mascara.

How to make your mascara to last longer?

Soak the tube of mascara in a bowl with hot water. That will make it more fluid. Right before application, sprinkle a little powder on your eyelashes, so the first coat of mascara to be fastened to more thoroughly. For extra strength, turn to a waterproof mascara.

DO NOT: Do not pour castor oil in the mascara tube. It’s a common myth, but believe us: it does nothing but to destroy the product!

How long do you keep the mascara?

Once you opened it, you can use the mascara tube within 2-3 months. To avoid the possible introduction of bacteria into the container, don’t touch the tube with the brush.

DO NOT: It is not recommended to borrow mascara; like lipstick, is a cosmetic product for a sensitive area, and you surely do not want to “swap germs” with your best friend!

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Mascara: Dos and Don’ts