Most Effective Ways to Remove Blackheads

Blackheads don’t hurt, aren’t a serious health problem, but from the cosmetic standpoint, they are a real chore, difficult to remove. There are still remedies at hand, which can reduce much of the black spots that appear especially on the nose.

Blackheads usually occur due to expansion of pores, creating the right environment for accumulating abundant secretion of sebum. Those skilled in dermatology explains that the ends of sebaceous glands reach to the skin surface, while the sebum produced is oxidized on contact with air and results in a dark color.

Blackheads occur frequently in the T-zone of the face: forehead, nose, chin. What is the explanation? Typically, the skin on the forehead, nose and chin is fatter and produces more sebum.

This natural secretion of the sebaceous glands protects the skin. Composed of fatty acids and proteinaceous materials, sebum acts bactericidal.

The first step to get rid of blackheads is to take a steam bath. Put in a bowl with hot water a tablespoon of chamomile flowers and with the head covered with a towel, stay over the bowl as much as you can.

When the skin pores are open, use one of the following methods to remove blackheads:

  1. Mask with yogurt and orange zest

Citrus fruit may do wonders for your skin, so you can enter them with confidence in your beauty routine. To prepare this mask, add two tablespoons of finely chopped orange peel with four tablespoons of yogurt. Mix until you get a homogeneous substance. Apply the paste on your face and massage gently with circular movements for at least 2-3 minutes.

  1. Corn flour and vinegar mask

These ingredients can be found in every household and have an amazing effect on the skin. To create this wonderful mask, mix two tablespoons of corn flour with two teaspoons of vinegar. Apply the paste on your face and let it act for 15-20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. You will see that this is one of the most effective solutions to get rid of blackheads.

  1. Gelatin and milk

Make your own blackheads removal tape using these two ingredients. Mix a tablespoon of milk with a tablespoon of gelatin powder in a glass.  Put the glass in the microwave and warm it for 10 seconds. (The idea is to melt the gelatin, so if you don’t hae a microwave you can do that at bain-marie, sinking a glass of milk and gelatin in hot water). Once it has slightly cooled, apply the paste with your fingers or a brush perfectly clean on the nose, where you have blackheads. Wait about 10 minutes to dry, then shrug it off with your fingers.

Whatever method of removing blackheads you choose, remember that in the end you must rinse your face with cold water to close the pores and apply an astringent, soothing and disinfectant skin lotion.

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Most Effective Ways to Remove Blackheads