Natural Remedies for Sunburned Lips

The lips skin is very thin, and after prolonged exposure to the sun without using sunscreen, they can get sunburned pretty quickly. The process is: the lips begin to dry out and eventually crack if no treatment is applied (moisturizer).

In some situations, the lips and can even bleed easily from the formed cracks and become painful, swollen. It isn’t a pleasant appearance, especially because the surface layer of skin that is already burned start to peel.

The first measure you can take to prevent the problem of sunburned lips is to protect them with a moisturizing balm that contains SPF necessarily. Experts recommend using a lip balm with SPF 15 or higher, if we go to the beach or pool. Products containing vitamin E, wax and lanolin are also effective, because they provide a maximum moisturizing to the lips. Another miracle ingredient is petrolatum, a substance that helps to close cracks.

In summer, lip balm should be applied frequently, about once an hour. If you’re at the beach and feel a burning sensation of the lips, it is a must to apply balm. Otherwise, you risk burning your lips. In addition, contact with salty water from the sea, creates a burning sensation and increases discomfort.

If you happen to wake up with dry lips, quickly the remedy problem using some natural treatments that soothe and heal.

1. Natural aloe vera gel, unscented

Reduce lips inflammation and pain, also limiting the peeling. Aloe vera will penetrate deep into the skin and will help to improve circulation and cell regeneration of the epidermis. Apply a small amount of aloe vera gel on the lips or if you have access to an aloe vera plant, you can rub the lips with the central part of the aloe vera leaf.

2. Potato juice

It is good in case of sunburnt lips due to the starch that cools the skin and soothes the burn. Grate a potato and let it drain or put it directly into the blender. The juice obtained is applied on the lips and let to dry. After some time, you can wash the mouth with cold water. You can put the potato juice in a container evaporator and apply it whenever you need.

3. Milk compresses

Excellent for when you’re dealing with some sunburned lips. Milk compounds, including fatty acids and lactic acid, speed healing of burns and reduce discomfort. Soak a compress in a bowl with milk and apply it on your face. Use a fat milk to be more efficient.

Sunburned lips cure lasts several days. Meanwhile, an important issue that it should not be neglected is hydration. So, consume two liters of water a day to reduce dehydration. Also, avoid the sun as much as possible.

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Natural Remedies for Sunburned Lips