Secret Makeup Tips for Acne

Acne is a real problem and, unfortunately, increasingly more ladies face it. In an attempt to cover irritation, women resort to make-up, but only manage to highlight even more the marks, not to disguise them.

Anti-acne treatments take some time to reveal the first results, and situations where you have to go to an important meeting or out with friends are unpredictable. It is probably embarrassing to show up with pimples on the face, but we give you the good news: you can cover them with the help of make-up products.

Here’s what to do, step by step:

  1. Step One: Prepare your skin for makeup. Before applying foundation, it’s good to clean your face with appropriate products: cleanser, toner and moisturizer, in this order. You can apply thermal water, which acts as a tonic, as a moisturizer and as a base for foundation.
  2. Step Two: Start with eye makeup. Choose a nude shade, a color that is as close to your natural skin color as possible.
  3. Step Three: If you don’t like the appearance of your skin around the eyes, use a corrector / concealer and a foundation with medium coverage.
  4. Step Four: Makeup your face. Use a makeup base to even out fine lines and enlarged pores. This will give your skin a matte aspect.
  5. Step Five: After you have applied the makeup base, start with the foundation on the places where acne is more pronounced and continue outside the pimples. You always have to start from the center outwards the affected area.
  6. Step Six: Afterwads, even the foundation with a special brush or a clean sponge.
  7. Step Seven (the last step): Powder. The powder is applied by gently tapping, to avoid stretching the foundation. Choose a lighter powder if your foundation is two shades darker. You can opt for a pink powder. This color will hide pimples well.
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Secret Makeup Tips for Acne