Tips and Tricks to Detox Your Lungs

One of two smokers dies of this vice. Despite these alarming figures, it is not easy to give up cigarettes. If you can not quit smoking, at least limit its devastating effects. Here’s how to clean your lungs from tobacco.

Make detoxifying baths

Tobacco smoke contains more than 4,000 chemicals. To help the body eliminate some of them, take a detoxifying bath with rosemary, a powerful cleanser. Opening the pores of the skin, this bath will help eliminate toxins deep, favoring exchanges between interior and exterior.

Infuse a heandul of rosemary in 3-4 liters of hot water for 10 minutes. Then pour in the bathtub the infusion and stay in water no less than 15 minutes.

Drink depurative teas

Every day, drink 2 cups of cleansing tea, prepared by a pharmacist. The mixture that protect your lungs is composed of: rosemary, forest mallow (plant rich in mucilage, which helps the body to produce protective mucus of the nose and bronchi), asparagus (it drains toxins through the bile and liver) and dandelion (it drains pollutants and promotes diuresis).

Remineralize your body

Nettle is a treasure of benefits. It contains more than 200 different substances, including elements and minerals, perfectly balanced to clean and re-mineralize the body. Eat nettles, especially in spring. If you are a smoker, keep nettles in the freezer and prepare them throughout the year. There are food supplements with nettle, to help smokers. And spirulina, the famous blue algae, is a great energizer, which compensates for the effects of tobacco demineralization.

Eat turmeric

Turmeric is a spice mainly effective against lung cancer. This natural antioxidant promotes apoptosis (distruction of old cells). Use turmeric to spice food or take dietary supplements containing turmeric, according to the maker (the most effective are supplements containing turmeric and piperine).

Another natural anti-cancer, which acts in the same way as turmeric is aloe vera.

If you can not definitively quit smoking, try to do it less often.

Try natural remedies to quit smoking. Valerian is an effective form of dietary supplement, a plant that saturates the addicted receptors of the hypothalamus and decreases cravings for tobacco.

Try massaging your soles and palms with a mixture of essential oils: 15 drops of essential oil of macadamia or rattle and 2 drops of chamomile essential oil. Make this massage in the morning and in the evening for three weeks.

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Tips and Tricks to Detox Your Lungs