Tips And Tricks to Melt Belly Fat

The abdominal area is one of the favorite places for the unsightly fat to gather. I’m serious! It’s like a magnet that attracts fat cells.

Have you ever asked yourself: “How to get rid of belly fat?” or “Why the fat from the abdominal area disappears harder compared to the one from other areas of the body?”

If you want to get rid of extra inches on the abdomen, then you must follow a few tips:

  1. Eat as little sugar as possible

This will prevent massive release of insulin, but will increase the level of glucagon. It is a hormone thought to be enemy number one in the fight against abdominal fat. So the rule is simple, the less sugar you consume, the  so you get rid of fat belly.

  1. Limit salt intake

Excessive salt consumption favors the appearance of bloating. Replace ordinary table salt with sea salt or Kosher salt because they contain less sodium. Also, try not to consume soy sauce because it has an exaggerated sodium content and it bloats you instantly. It is preferable to opt for a tomato salsa or sprinkle cayenne pepper that boosts your metabolism.

  1. Portion size matters

It is better to eat small portions. Include foods rich in whole grains and good fats. According to researchers, a high intake of whole grains and good fats helps to remove fat from the belly area.

  1. Abdomens should be last on the list

According to experts, if you want to get rid of belly fat, you should not start directly with crunches. The most important thing remains changing your diet, then choosing a sport (swimming, running, cycling, long walks, jumping rope), followed by exercises to strengthen muscles and then abdomens. So it is recommended to spend:

  • 60 minutes a day to prepare healthy meals;
  • 20 minutes / 3-5 times a week to do your favorite sports (jogging or other activity);
  • 15 minutes / 3 times per week for muscle strengthening exercises;
  • approximately 5 minutes / 3 times per week for sit-ups.
  1. Sample menu to lose belly fat

According to experts, there are several options that you can resort to when you want to lose belly fat. It seems to work great. Here’s what they propose to eat throughout the day:

  • Breakfast – a slice of bread with peanut butter and a cup of fruit.
  • lunch – spinach salad with avocado, grilled tofu and tomato slices sprinkled with olive oil / lemon juice.
  • dinner – grilled salmon, baked potato and broccoli / asparagus sauteed with olive oil and garlic.
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Tips And Tricks to Melt Belly Fat